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Wellness Wednesday Challenge: Focus on What You Want

By July 10, 2019 No Comments

To create the vibrant, abundant life, the one you desire and deserve requires you to focus on what you do want with joy. Too often we focus on all of the things that we don’t want, aren’t happy with or feel that we are not yet experiencing and guess what… what you focus on creates feelings that expand.

Life at its foundational form is energy and all energy carries a vibrational frequency.  Your thoughts, emotions and actions all emit a frequency in fact, you are one big antenna.  What radio station are you picking up right now?

For today’s challenge, I invite you to get curious about YOU. I invite you to notice if and when you are focused on what you don’t want and if your focus is creating satisfying or dissatisfying feelings.  Remember, your feelings are a frequency and they receive the exact signal you are putting out.  

If you want a different outcome in your life, notice if you are focusing and feeling good about what you do want or if you are focusing and feeling badly about what you don’t have or don’t want.

To shift your focus and align your feelings with a satisfying state that now lets your antenna pick up and dial in all of the goodness you desire start with the following simple steps for today’s challenge. 

The results you want will elude you if you don’t take the time to create your map so you can get from where you are to where you want to go.  

Step 1: Start by asking yourself, what you want and what is important to you? What do you want to experience more of in your health and life?  

Step 2: When you think about what you want more of, list out everything that is satisfying about that to you.  Really hook into the awareness that what you want, wants you. Notice all of the great feelings that come up when you are focused on what you do want. 

Step 3: Take time to notice now when, where and how you can consistently help yourself to notice and feel all of that satisfaction. How and when you can more fully support yourself to actually make the choices, take the inspired actions that will in fact create the exact outcomes you want.

Step 4: Recognize that it is easy and natural to get stuck in a rut and notice all that isn’t, yet what you focus on, you feel and what you feel, you emit through your antenna and dial back into yourself.  So why not help yourself out and condition a new muscle… say YES to what you do want, focus, align and allow all of the good feelings to flow. 

Take the challenge- stay focused and feeling super satisfied about all that you DO want in your life and watch the magic unfold.

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