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Tune in to this episode to learn from Posture Expert and Co-Founder of the American Posture Institute, Dr. Krista Burns, as she joins Dr. Melissa in The Impact Lab as we discuss how you can leverage your posture to enhance your health, productivity and overall resiliency so you can thrive anytime.

Dr. Krista shows and teaches the importance of posture and why the say we sit, stand, and move throughout the day matters in both our short and long term physical and cognitive health and performance.

She reveals how you can change your mood, memory and health in as little as 2 minutes by only a shift in centimeters. Simply by moving from a C-Shaped posture to one that is upright and uplifted, you will change your neurochemistry, resilience and health.

If you are ready to uplevel your ability to flourish and thrive, be sure to tune into the entire episode.

To learn more about Dr. Krista and The American Posture Institute, visit: https://americanpostureinstitute.com/

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