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  • You are ready to feel empowered by knowing the best foods for your health and metabolism, how to optimize your hormones, the ideal sleep, and supplements needed for your body, how to be resilient in stress, the optimal exercise and environment for you. This and so much more awaits within your blueprint...
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$5489 Value (Save over 50%)

  • 1 Precision Longevity Lab Package Complete With:
  • 1- An alumina array DNA test kit, assesses over 760,000 snps, you receive your raw data that you own.
  • 1- Longevity Life DNA Report looking at over 600 of the most high impact snp’s that inform health expression unique to you for actionable results.
  • OR- If you have your DNA- You Can Choose the Epigenetic Age Lifestyle Test kit and Report
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Stress Assessment
  • Strengths Assessment
  • Hallmarks of Aging Assessment
  • Longevity Lifestyle assessment.
  • Plus 1- 90 minute precision longevity session with Dr. Melissa to review your results ($2499 Value)
  • 3-30 minute follow up one-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Melissa to support you in implementing your longevity blueprint for enhanced results in your health and life. ($2,497)

1 Payment of $2,999
3 Payments of $1,111

Choose the plan that is right for you. Once you enroll, you will be sent a welcome email to set up a brief welcome call with Dr. Melissa where she will share all of your resources with you.

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Elsie T.

"I am living my longevity life thanks to Dr. Melissa. Her precision approach has allowed me to now, at 62 to be sharper, more confident and energized than I have been in years. I feel better now than I did at 52!"

John S.

"I am just about to turn 50 and I look and feel better than I did when I was 35. The secret- precision longevity. When Dr. Melissa's team helped me put the pieces together, I was able to optimize my hormones, which took my brain health and performance to a whole new level. I have a full life of thriving ahead of me! 120 here I come."

Linda S.

"When I got my longevity labs, everything changed. I'm 72 and I crossfit every day! My friends are all in their 30s and 40's and they try to keep up with me. Age is a number not a life well lived. "