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The Power of Decision

By May 4, 2020 No Comments

I can only imagine what it must have taken for Rosa Parks to call on the massive courage from within to DECIDE, regardless of the outcome to stand up for her beliefs.  In a time where women and especially African American women were dismissed and discounted in many cases to the point of violence, how did she do it?

Today many of us can get overwhelmed with deciding what to eat for dinner.  We want to live our purpose and make our impact in the world and yet, we sit and compare ourselves to others, we question and search outside of ourselves in hopes of finding the answer.

If we follow Rosa Parks lead, had she looked outside, compared herself to another, questioned and sat in the sea of what-ifs, she would never have made civil rights history.  She went within.  She listened to her inner voice, her inner truth regardless of the consequence, she was CLEAR and she DECIDED to ACT from this place of knowing.

You have the answers you seek, you KNOW how to decide what is in fact the next right step or path for you.  Yes, it can be easy to look out, yes it can be normal to compare and yes you can always find evidence to the contrary as to why someone would do it another way causing you to question and doubt yourself.  The choice is yours because even when you think you are not making a decision, you are in fact deciding.

Today I invite you to take a breath, clear your mind, place your hand on your heart, and then ask the one question you most want the answer to.  You will sense the anwer. It may be a tightness in your chest, an opening in your heart, a calm or image that flashes through your mind.  If you are quite, if you ask and then listen, you WILL gain the clarity you need to decide with confidence and certainty on the next right steps for you.

This is the courage, this is the clarity that allowed Rosa to Impact the world and now, it’s your turn to make your impact.


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