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Mind Over Every Single Matter

By March 26, 2018 No Comments

It’s time to take back what’s yours. What am I talking about? Your goals, your choices, and your life. They all belong to you, but somewhere along the way, did it feel like those were snatched up and are now out of your control? In the spirit of improving heart health, this way of living won’t do.

Well that’s all over. The key to fulfilling your truest self is to taking all of that back. Sound too good to be true? Not today it’s not! This week is all about shifting your mindset, digging deep, and finding that inner drive to make some major changes.

Switch The Focus

Many times, we allow ourselves to only see what ISN’T going right. It’s easy to find what’s wrong, but it also brings about feelings of negativity and blame. Rather than let all of that bad ju-ju take over, consider shifting your focus on the situation. Instead of looking at what’s bad, think of how you can improve it. This puts the power right back in your hands.

Change Your Conditions

Ask yourself this: are you settling? It’s a big one, I know, but as time goes on in our lives, we tend to grow too comfortable to the way “things are going”. But guess what? You have the power to rise above! Think of those factors you are just content with. One of my golden rules: never settle. If you even get an inkling that you’re settling, in any aspect of your life, maybe it’s time to step it up!

Let’s Get Realistic

So you’ve switched up your focus and reconsidered your conditions. Now it’s time to pose a final question when making those life choices. Can something truly be done? Is it within your power to change? This is the time to acknowledge the power you have to influence real change. If so, then get to it!

No better time like the present to start changing what you can. And if you can’t, the work begins on learning to accept that. Being realistic with yourself is pivotal in taking back your power. So step back and remember you are in charge of your choices. There is no greater feeling when you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’ve got this”.


So here is to you going out and making this your best day, week, month and year yet.

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