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Be Limitless

By February 5, 2020 No Comments

Your true nature is boundless, infinite in potential and possibilities.

You are being called to go beyond what is known, beyond the practical planning of each day. It’s experiencing new actions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

It’s consciously expanding into the wholeness of you beyond perceived limits into your state of limitless being.

Today, I invite you to try something new that can create a heightened positive emotion.  Next up, to access your true limitless nature, get curious about YOU… This requires you to reflect and question any limiting beliefs you may have that in having them keep you from more fully expressing your limitless potential.

If you come across a limiting belief, simply ask yourself, what does having this belief do for me?

You see life is happening for you and even in the moments that feel like they are in opposition to your highest outcomes, desires and dreams are happening for a reason.  A belief, even a limiting one IS doing something for you.

For example, I held a belief that I had to prove my worth to be loved, appreciated and respected. That meant that I overworked, over gave and overdid it all of the time in all aspects of my work leaving me feeling resentful that I was doing everyone else’s job for them.  That was a choice and even though I didn’t like it, I still did it…why????

The belief that by working hard and doing a good job would earn me love, respect and acceptance was clearly making me feel like crap but what was it actually giving me?

What it gave me was a knowing about my own strength, leadership and talents that I could do whatever whenever IF I choose or need to.  It gave me a stronger sense of self.

Once I realized that I could honor myself and recognize and love myself as the awesome woman and leader I was, I no longer needed the limitation of proving myself to everyone else.  As I freed that outdated pattern from my brain with a simple coaching process and upgraded into my authentic power and truth, I became limitless in my abilities to honor my boundaries for a greater balance that led to immense bliss.  I did it and you can too.

Today is your day to begin within and honor your true limitless potential to experience your greatest life.  Remember it is all here and happening for you.  Go live your authentic life~

xx- Dr. MGP


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