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Discover how you can leverage your expertise to scale your income, influence and impact as you live your purpose and change the world.

Let’s Work Together to Activate Your Code and Express Your Highest Potential

If you are ready to lead, love and live to your fullest with greater power, presence and purpose for enhanced worth, wealth and wellbeing so you can make your lasting impact, you’re in the right place!

One on One Breakthrough to You

Immediately connect to your authentic success signature in this 90 minute experience with Dr. Melissa.  It’s time to embody your highest outcomes which means, you are ready to move beyond the worry, wonder and concern of  trying to figure it all out.  You have one job, that is to embody your truth and live it each day.  From this space, everything else DOES unfold with flow, abundance and ease.

Take the first step to unlock your success code for immediate focus and clarity that will produce your fast action growth plan for rapid results. This call is great for you if you are ready to break through to the next of expressing your truth. This encomasses your business AND your life. They are not mutually exclusive rather they are inclusive of one another supporting your highest outcomes of what it means to be thriving when you are living your purpose with purpose and ON purpose each and everyday.

Whether you are just beginning or have a fully thriving business and you are ready to grow and scale, this call and prep package will take you through the foundational success assessment and coaching with Dr. Melissa to provide you with total clarity, certainty and your strategic plan along with precision inspired action so you can stay focused on what really matters for your highest outcomes to occur.

This product includes 1 success assessment, 1-90 minute success mastery call and 1-20 minute follow up call. $997

3 Day Quantum Upgrade Immersion

Expand what is possible for you through neuro activation of your success code.  You hold the infinite potential to create and experience your dreams come true! Access the quantum field and upgrade your neural pathways for enhanced states of health, wealth and happiness in just days instead of weeks and months.

During this 3 day immersion, you will experience a highly personalized process unique to your brain, body and being that will allow you to break free from limitations and breakthrough into your higher states of limitless potential where your freedom and success await.

Join Dr. Melissa in Asheville NC at the Apeiron Center for Human Performance for a true quantum upgrade as you epigenetically activate your success code. This program includes epigenetic success assessment, qEEG brain mapping to show you your cognitive function and potential, neuro-technology brain training to rapidly enhance your mental states and cognitive function, mindset mastery training, frequency modulation and a personalized optimization plan with 2 follow up 20-minute coaching session to achieve your highest outcomes in your brain, body, business and being.

Based on your highest outcomes and your brain’s current and ideal states we design a personalized success activation plan. Using cutting-edge, non-invasive, FDA approved neuromodulation technology, at-home tech and more, our program will give you access to states of your brain, body and being so you can live your potential with active presence and purpose on purpose every day. From this place, life flows more freely, as you live, love and lead aligned in your success signature for abundance and lasting impact.

We only accept 4 clients per month into this specialized immersion. Apply below. Once your application is received, our team will contact you with further information.

Success Transformation Programs

Each program includes the 3-day immersion along with targeted monthly coaching, support and resources so you can activate your potential, strategically grow your business, change the world all while living the life you love.

Request your application to understand the level of support and accountability that is right for the size of impact you are ready to make.